Stainless Steel Cleaning Cloth

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Black eb Logo Cleaning Cloth

Measurements: 3" x 3" 

Use this jewelry polishing cloth to keep your stainless steel jewelry clean, shiny, and to help remove any fingerprints, dirt, and/or smudges!

These are the ONLY cloths we recommend to clean your stainless steel. We use these same cloths everyday to clean your stainless steel jewelry before it is shipped.


- Hold cloth in hand and place charm in the center of the cloth
- Fold over the cloth, pinching the charm with your index finger and thumb
- Lightly rub in a circular motion to remove any fingerprints or smudges

*NOTE: While these cloths have only a mild polishing quality, do not clean charms or jewelry too aggressively or else you may ruin the mirror polish on our charms.