GPS Map Coordinates Latitude Longitude Engraved Cuff

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Our handmade hand stamped cuffs, charm bracelets and necklaces are the perfect way to express your mantra, belief, inspiration, love, soul and or passion. We hand craft all of our items in our little studio in Prosper, Texas.

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Your choice of coordinates can be, your wedding location, proposal location, first house, the options are endless. When ordering, you can either send me the address, and I'll look up the coordinates or if you'd like to look them up, find your coordinates here:
At the "Load Location" boxes, enter your address and spell out city/state

Please leave your coordinates in NOTES to SELLER (You can copy and paste):

Latitude: N54.6472°
Longitude: W52.8790°


32° 46' 33" N 96° 47' 48" W

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