Boho Leather Wrap Choker

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Our chokers/bracelet wraps are very versatile, stylish and chic. You can choose your leather or suede color on some of the styles. The ways you can wear these chokers/wraps are endless. You can wear as a choker, bracelet, arm band, wrap anklet, boot anklet or as a hair adornment. The pictures show the bracelets when wrapped and the last picture shows how the bracelet looks when worn as a choker (necklace). Picture 4 shows the back of the bracelets when wrapped.

You choose one of two styles below:

Style 1 (top bracelet): 
Will come exactly as shown, no changes
• 3 mm Metallic BROWN Genuine Natural Indian Leather
• 8 mm African Turquoise Beads
• 4 mm Brass Beads
• 52 inches in length

Style 2 (bottom bracelet):
You choose the the color leather or suede you want. Please refer to pictures 5 and 6 for color options.
• 3mm Double Strand Olive Green Deerskin Leather Lace
• 1.5 inch Brass Plate - Be Brave (words cannot be changed)
• 4 mm Brass Beads
• 60 inches in length