She Speaks Wisdom Proverbs 31:26

She Speaks Wisdom Proverbs 31:26

Posted by SaRatta Reeves Murphy on 2nd Mar 2018

"When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness." - Proverbs 31:26

Today is the first day of Women's History Month and the start of a blog series that was placed on my heart to help encourage and uplift other women. On the 1st of each month, I will release a limited edition scripture cuff along with a new blog post that explains my motivation for the choice of scripture. The blog series is intended to share a piece of my journey, as a modern day Christian woman, and my understanding of how to apply the scripture to my life. I hope that you will be able to find some inspiration in the words that I share with you as it is my wish that you find the beauty in the meaning of scriptures. 

My scripture this month, Proverbs 31:26, comes from the book of Proverbs, the 31st chapter and from the Epilogue: The Wife of Noble Character (verses 10 - 31). If you are like me, you have heard a lot about the "Proverbs 31 Virtuous Woman" and some may be unclear as to how that applies to their modern day life. Is it literal or more of a guideline of advice to adhere to in certain situations (being a mother, being a wife)? 

When I searched Google  for the meaning of Proverbs 31, it brought up a Wikipedia explanation which said this, and I quote "Chapter 31 of the Book of Proverbs in the Hebrew Bible is presented as advice which Lemuel's mother gave to him, about how a virtuous king should reign, and also detailing the attributes of a virtuous wife or ideal woman. The second section of text of this chapter directs women to be industrious and fear the Lord.The 8th and 9th verses[8:9] are in defense against inequality and injustice[1]:

The 10th to 31st verses of the chapter are called Eshet Ḥayil (אשת חיל, woman of valor). It is a praise of the good wife, a definition of a perfect wife or "ideal woman" in Judaism. This "Woman of Valor" has been described as the personification of wisdom, or in some sense as a description of a particular class of Women in Israel, Persia, or in Hellenistic society.[2] This chapter is recited on Friday night, before Shabbat dinner in some Jewish homes. Some see this as a praise directed from the husband to his wife. It has also been suggested that the son in Proverbs 31 is King Solomon, receiving advice from Bathsheba, herself the wife of King David.[3]"

Now let's be clear about something, I am not your traditional Christian. I am your modern day, Jesus loving, coffee drinking, R&B listening, science loving, somewhere between Proverbs 31 and Cardi B kind of Christian woman.There, I said it and that's the truth. So my interpretation of how I apply the scriptures to my life come from a more practical, liberal approach that is suited for our current society. I use the scriptures as a guide of how to live life, love others, and increase my faith. 

To me, Proverbs 31:26 is instructing us (women) to be wise with our words. To only give advice after you have listened carefully to what the other person has to say. To not rush to judgement, which we do so often, to be gentle and kind with each other when offering guidance. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

Just because you know something or know something to be true does not mean you need to share it or speak on it. When you are able to listen and discern, you will know when to speak, that's wisdom. This is so powerful for this month because it is the month of WOMEN and OUR history. One day, we will be history. What will our story be for the women of the future? What examples will we have set to help them create a kinder, gentler place of peace for themselves and other women?

How we treat each other, how we speak to each other, is important in our walk with Christ. It is important that we speak wisdom with kindness when the time is right. With our husbands, our children, and in all of our relationships. I understand that we are not perfect and sometimes, kindness and discernment are the very last things on our minds. I am guilty of that myself, I am a work in progress. But wisdom let's me know that I am striving for progress, not perfection and the scriptures are there to guide me in my daily walk with Him.

Here is the jewelry manifestation of my scripture of the month:

Proverbs 31:26 She Speaks Wisdom Gold Cuff

Blessings, Peace and Love