A StoryTeller Charms Bangle™

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Introducing The StoryTeller Charms Bangle™ with beautifully curated charms that tell the story of your life. Personalized by you and hand crafted by us to produce the perfect story charm bracelet that is timeless and invaluable. Decide how many charms you want now (see pics and refer to ordering details below and in the pictures) with the option to order more later. The more you order, the more the discount! Slide them on and off of your hook bangle bracelet to craft your story and add more as your story continues. Create one or many to tell different stories in your life.

Bracelet Details
The bracelet is made of iron and the charms are made of brass, copper, aluminum or stainless steel depending on which charm you choose. All details are in the pictures. 

You choose how many charms you want and which charms you want. Some charms are customized and require you to enter additional information in the NOTES TO SELLER box. Please include the number of each charm you want and any personalized info required after the number of the charm. All charms will come in the metal shown UNLESS you choose all silver and then all charms and jump rings will be silver. 


To add more charms later OR add names, words, states or coordinates charms, click here.